My first haircut

A toddler's first haircut from her tired, pregnant mother's point of view.


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After his roommate gets in a serious traffic accident, Ken decides to join a beta tournament for a growing competitive shooter game to pay off the bills. But as the game progresses, things fall apart, and the players must face their past to move forward...




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i'm ema with one m!

I am a Japanese-American illustrator and comic artist based in Northern California. I am currently pursuing a BFA degree in Animation/Illustration at San Jose State University, with a concentration in Story.I am also active in the V-tuber (virtual streamer) industry as a 2D character artist, Live2D avatar rigger, and streamer.I love writing stories that explore deep interpersonal relationships and the struggles in navigating them. My current project, ELEGY, is an action drama series which peers into such struggles through the lens of video games and high school students.In my free time, I enjoy watching and critiquing films, sketching at cafes, playing story-focused games, and petting cats.